Zim alone won't change your Zsh experience! By enabling modules, you pick what features you want.

A brief list of modules and their descriptions can be seen below. Clicking on the name of a module will take you to the full documentation for that module.

Add zmodule <module> to your ~/.zimrc and run zimfw install to install it.


Name Description
completion Enables and configures smart and extensive tab completion.
environment Sets generic Zsh built-in environment options.
input Applies correct bindkeys for input events.


Name Description
archive Provides archive and unarchive functions for easy archive manipulation.
asdf Sets up asdf, with auto install and optimized usage of the direnv plugin.
exa Adds aliases and better defaults for exa.
fzf Configures fzf for faster fetching of files and directories names.
git Provides nice git aliases and functions.
pvenv Manages all python venvs in one place.
ruby Provides ruby, bundler, rbenv and rvm aliases and initialization.
ssh Provides a convenient way to load ssh-agent.
termtitle Sets a custom terminal title.
utility Adds utility aliases and functions. Adds colour to ls, grep and less.

Prompt enhancement

Name Description
duration-info Exposes to prompts how long the last command took to execute.
git-info Exposes git repository status information to prompts.
prompt-pwd Formats the current working directory to be used by prompts.


Name Description
homebrew Adds aliases for Homebrew.
pacman Adds aliases for the pacman package manager.